William De Vijlder

Group Chief Economist BNP Paribas

Tag : IMF

The IMF brings good news and…other news

The new World Economic Outlook of the IMF paints a rather positive short term outlook but medium term risks have risen. A more coordinated policy approach is needed to address these challenges. Find more in the EcoTV Week video.

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Meetings at the summit

In the Eurozone, China and the UK, purchasing manager indexes for the manufacturing sector declined in February. In the United States, in contrast, the manufacturing ISM rose but still held below 50, the level separating industrial expansion from contraction.

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The first rate hike: source of relief or cause for concern?

The meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee today and tomorrow has created significantly more nervousness than is normally the case. Many consider that the time is ripe for a first hike of the Federal funds rate in this business cycle, whereas others argue that it would be better to wait a little bit longer. Views differ and that is what makes a market.

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The Greek marathon

The approval by the Greek parliament of the agreement reached with the Eurozone leaders brings far reaching changes in terms of policy objectives and governance. Negotiations can now start with the creditors on a new programme in order to provide long term financing.

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The referendum in Greece: which implications?

In Greece a referendum is normally to be held on Sunday 5th. The Greeks will have to pronounce themselves on measures and reforms submitted submitted by the Commission, the IMF and the ECB, in return for an extended financial support.

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