Managed from Paris by William De Vijlder, BNP Paribas Economic Research is a global group function. It provides economic analysis to the group as a whole and its clients, from financial markets to retail banking entities businesses. The team is very international with experienced economists.

Economic Research media coverage is very large, and economists are often quoted particularly in the economic and financial press. The coverage is also made available through the Economic Research website where all publications, including web TVs, are publicly available.

Our publications :

EcoFlash - Data releases, major economic events. Our detailed views…   EcoWeek - Weekly economic news and much more…   EcoConjoncture - Structural or in the news flow, two issues analysed in depth   EcoPerspectives - Analyses and forecasts for the main countries, emerging or developed   EcoEmerging - Analyses and forecasts for a selection of emerging economies

Our videos :

ECO-TV-WEEK - What is the main event this week? The answer is in your two minutes of economy   ECO-TV - In this monthly webTV, our economists make sense of economic news