William De Vijlder

Group Chief Economist BNP Paribas

Markets and financial investments

William De Vijlder analyses the relations between the economy and the markets (including bond, equity, commodity, capital and currency markets), investor behaviour, and their appetite for risk taking, in keeping with economic data and the level of uncertainty.

The first rate hike: source of relief or cause for concern?

The meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee today and tomorrow has created significantly more nervousness than is normally the case. Many consider that the time is ripe for a first hike of the Federal funds rate in this business cycle, whereas others argue that it would be better to wait a little bit longer. Views differ and that is what makes a market.

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“Read my lips”

“Read my lips” that is what central banks are saying to markets and that is exactly what investors are doing. What explains the importance of central banks’ watching and what are the implications ?

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